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Trucido – Das Butcher C30
Neural Operations N0 29

Das Butcher was originally released in 1992 on recycled cassettes packaged in red plastic floppy disc cases in an edition of ten. It was the first release on Spastik Soniks which evolved into the main label of Death Squad/Michael Nine. Trucido began towards the end of a collaboration project with Dan K. called Off World Kick Death Squad. It was a short-lived project before Death Squad had begun. These recordings document some of the earliest efforts by Michael Nine. Trucido represents a starting point of sound creation for personal therapy. Initially this material was not meant to be shared, the sounds were merely the end product of frequencies that had already been created for their intended purpose/therapy. Friends expressed interested in listening to the material so Nine decided to put pieces together for them. Copies of the tape were sold at a Gillman Street record show in Berkeley, California and the rest were given away. It wasn’t until 2020 that a copy of the tape resurfaced from someone who was given one in 1992. The audio was recorded over found commercial music tapes. Each tape left some of the original music at the beginning before the Trucido material started. For this reissue those bits have been removed. The original tapes were labeled with paper tape to cover up the information on them and each one had an individual handwritten message.

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