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I was first introduced to Total Sweetheart by Greg from A Fail Association. He sent me a mind-blowing tape of theirs that he quietly released on Dada Drumming.

Easily Texas HN’s best kept secret right now.

I don’t know much about the project other then the fact that they rehearse for several months and then they spend hours recording multiple takes of said rehearsal until they get it right. They also refer to themselves as “Sensitivity Electronics” and there is a noticeable influence from revered HN duo’s like Incapacitants and Testicle Hazard.

On the surface their name is intended to come off a bit tongue in cheek (ie a gentle name with abrasive sound), but at it’s core the project is very earnest and the name totally fits who they really are as people, seeing as it’s comprised of two easy going guys who happen to be a couple of regular sweethearts who just love making noise.

Past efforts were dedicated to going to bed early and being nice to people…but “Better Half” is their definitive statement — a very loud love letter dedicated to their “awesome wives” — one hour of ecstatic modular synth and dynamic computer noise presented with a wholesome and down-to-earth approach.

“Dedicated to our kindhearted, beautiful, talented and supportive wives.”

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