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Memory process. Cue the sound–but it’s in another room. It’s not even in the house. It’s coming from another place and time. Or, rather, the sound is the line casting backwards through the murky, muffled, hazy, distorted, fractured, cracked, broken, stop-and-go motions of personal history. It’s the line that correlates a human product and its environment. A process. A rumination. An exploration of the depths, recesses, corners, nooks, crannies, attics, basements, empty lots, barren fields and open spaces of formative pasts.

Adapted from the artist’s context: It’s the loss and change of familiar spaces, places, people, moments in time. The reclamation. Abandoned and disused zones, pareidolia (aural, visual), inexplicable encounters and circumstances.

C44. Edition of 50 clear tapes pro-dubbed with paper labels,
JP1 covers in standard cases, insert.

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