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Those who have been paying attention to The Concept Horse since the release of 2021’s amazing FILLS volumes, have had a lot to soak up. The Vienna-based, former Ithacan, has been releasing ear-tickling EPs, curating compilations on his own imprint eë, collaborating with Vienna artist Marie Vermont and recently composed a mixtape for the Turmeric Acid streaming radio program.

With all that activity over the last year, we’re lucky enough to get a permanent sampling here at Gracious Host with “Tod Durch Museen”. The English translation is “Death Through Museums”, a play on a German book title, and features 18 aural vignettes. Each track has it’s own character or two: simple but compelling focuses of very lightly processed field recordings, tape loops and live audio. At times rhythmic and at others, open-ended and expressive. Bells, birds, pans, eggs(?!), and more are sourced for this lively, flowing journey. While most tapework and sound collage leans heavy on larger sound pairings, ambient tone, and contrasting textures, the Concept Horse is intent to focus our attention on crisp, uncrowded samples. We’re wandering this hallway of collected audio but the size of each “picture” allows us to keep a moderate pace. Everything stays fresh and nothing is stale.

It is also worth mentioning this tape serves as an ode to beloved local Ithaca sound crafter, professor, and author (Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer) Trevor Pinch who passed away in 2021.

Recycled tapes, recycled tape cases, silk-screened/hand-stamped labels, and two color j-cards printed on recycled paper.

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