TED SWEENEY – Patterns of Sound and Prophecy CS


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We are proud to present the debut album from one of the artists behind “twodeadsluts onegoodfuck”. This release is a notable departure from their work.

Since then Ted has been honing his craft in a cabin in the woods of New Hampshire. During this time, he barely set foot in a city, living in isolation to dedicate himself to his art. The growth involved in this album is one of the more rewarding reasons to run this label. The incremental uptick is evident, and it’s just better than anything he did before, but it’s not about ranking; it’s about the progress.

The work has a similar feel to what we used to refer to as “young L.A. noise” – and that doesn’t make me feel too young as most of those artists are in their mid 30’s now at the youngest. Nevertheless it may evoke a sense of nostalgia for those familiar with the time and who should be proud of its influential staying power.

This ambient slam, or, as experts refer to it, “slambient” section of the album is
characterized by its unexpectedness, absurdity, and humor, qualities that make non-genre conforming noise so appealing to me. However, what’s truly remarkable about the album is how the admittedly sorta funny, sweaty bust-in part manages to ultimately instill trust in the listener, if you were like “eh, this is pretty good” from there you will find a cohesive and believable listening experience.

Patterns of Sound and Prophecy is an attestation to the artist’s growth and evolution and we couldn’t be prouder to release it.

Edition of 100 in a professionally printed two panel j-card.
Mastered at Hostile Studios by Eric Trude.
Cover artwork by gea* (courtesy of the artist)

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