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The former Austin noise scene purveyor and now Cali resident Johnathan Cash is back with another blistering literal non-stop noise assault as Sunk Cost. Two full sides of harsh and abrasive sounds, panning, velocity and controlled hesitation. All tracks run into one another in a “no brakes” like scenario. If you’ve known John since the BRR days, you can see the maturity in compositional style and detail that Wave of Mutilation brings, leaving his more youthful performance art/humorous bend in the past. Although I was a fan of BRR (Breakdancing Ronald Reagan), and always found his dedication to the noise scene admirable, there was something missing that I think he has found in Wave of Mutilation, building forward from his previous releases as Sunk Cost. They say age either breaks or makes a man, and in this case I believe it to be more the latter than the former.

Packaged in an artificial leather case with factory gold letter die-stamping on the front. This item has been sewn shut in production, but can be opened very delicately with a razor blade to access the cassette and the noise therein.

Numbered edition of 80.

Side A
Fallen Rock Zone
The Great Times Are Over For Great

Side B
Metal Slug
Wave of Mutilation
Cranking Out Bob Marley
Millennium Actress


A download code is included with purchase knowing some may not want to open the case. Unlike other cassette releases on Dada Drumming, Wave of Mutilation will also be available for streaming on all major listening platforms on 8/24. There will be no availability on Bandcamp.

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