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It’s been just over a year since the first “Trauma Code” was released. This is the next installment in this series. This time more focused, structured and methodical. Rather than 2 sidelong collections, TC2 is arranged into concept pieces varying in sounds from shrieking feedback, clanging and crushing metal abuse and harsh noise blasting aggression. Well-placed found sounds and samples, scraps of all types put into a grinder for a cut-up maelstrom, and foreboding segues that make you wonder if it’s you that the first responders are coming to collect off the road.
There’s been a lot of behind the scenes trading between Mike and me: photos of blood and brains on the asphalt, sound sources, custom contact microphones, etc. The year that went into all of this resulted in a much stronger release than I expected, not b-sides, but a deeper meditation of vehicular slaughter and first-hand horror of bodies tested by force and inertia. In the shadow of Trauma Code 2, TC1 seems almost like a warm-up.
In the same format as the first, full-color jcard with front cover collage by Adam Medford. Folded ~A4 xerox collage by Striations and Gutter Bloat.

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