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Spiteful Womb has been releasing tapes for a few years, but it wasn’t until I heard recordings from MAPS Fest 2018 and the December 2018 tape “Grey Chambers” on Disclosures (one of my most listened to tapes of 2019) that I really started to take notice of the expert level of building synths and gritty noise to create morbid atmospheres that she can conjure.
“Mirrorgazing” explores the overlapping concepts of body dysmorphia and scrying. Using reflections to find what you’re looking for and lose what is there. Mutation, suffering, fractured barrier between mind and body. Six tracks of restrained and ugly power electronics, twisted and disorienting synths and decayed, harsh and mutilated noises. Nora created 2 color collages (including cover) for this release and provided some source material for me to manipulate in the layout. Each tape also comes with a handmade mirror.

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