SHAMEFUL – White Out Disintegration CS


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This is one of the rare artists I was obliged to release after only listening to a submission to the label, which was a tape on Fusty Cunt (physical release submissions always preferred to links).

I’m really excited to get more exposure for this project as it’s one of the first things in the Shameful discography so far (and I really hope it’s not the last). Another great act emerging from the Canadian Harsh Noise Underground!

The sound is very distinct and all over the place (in a refreshing way), very daring and unafraid to try out lots of ideas…it honestly brings to mind artists like Worth or Jackson-Pratt (while not directly aping their sound).

It sort of has this “plug in and just go for it” approach that really does it for me in the sense that it’s almost like you are hearing a live set.

It is mastered by Grant Richardson but simultaneously remains crudely lo-fi in the best way possible.

A more detailed description escapes me, as there is not much known about this artist so far…this is just solid contemporary noise with definite re-listening potential.

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