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Shame is one of the many musical endeavors of Abdul Hakim Bilal, based in Richmond, VA. In noise rock duo Among The Rocks And Roots, Bilal has spent the last four years and two albums exploring the dark recesses of the self, especially in regards to abuse and the subsequent need to rise above it. Bilal’s solo effort as Grey Wulf treads ground in an assortment of sounds and emotions, highlighting the more beautiful and ambient turns of their personality. Bilal provides primal adrenaline in black metal 2-piece Och. And in RAIC, Bilal explores their first love of improvisation in the musical shapeshifting and genreless antics encouraged in the collective. With this project, Shame, Bilal pummels you with what you don’t want to see or hear. This is provocation to the extreme; noise to make you feel uncomfortable and make your skin crawl. Shame is not here to make friends.

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