SCALD HYMN – You’re Not Supposed To Be Alive CS


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Erik Brown has been a pillar of New England noise for over a decade. He is a prolific artist known to many for his power electronics project Wish for Skin and his accomplished ambient work with Streiber, as well as a plethora of other solo efforts and collaborations. In recent years, as a resident of the notorious Cold Spring Hollow, he’s curated shows for scene veterans and upstarts alike.

Scald Hymn is his most recent focus, an intricately composed soundscape of scrap metal sources, stringed instruments, and blistering microphone feedback. “You’re Not Supposed To Be Alive” is a palpably autobiographical work with the aforementioned mediums expertly complimenting one another sonically and emotionally.

Noise is friendship. Friendship is love. Love is the law.
-Jacob Winans

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