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SCALD HYMN – Clinging Mission CS


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Over the course of nearly a decade, holding down the fort at Cold Spring Hollow and following a continuous string of great releases on well established labels like Absurd Exposition, Angst, Bacteria Field, Dead Gods, Deathbed Tapes, Monorail Trespassing, New Forces, and Troniks, Scald Hymn has solidified their reputation as an eminent force within the Harsh Noise underground.

Even though noise can often be perceived as therapeutic by the most seasoned heads, Scald Hymn is one of the only projects that is able to inexplicably evoke a general “good-natured” vibe akin to a sense of community or friendship…even when the sound has a haunting or abrasive tone. Whether that is Erik’s personality projected onto the sound or somehow transcending the sound entirely is a total mystery. It’s sort of magical.

Known for a unique pairing of bowed acoustic objects run through effects and paired with classic “Americanoise” fervor, on “Clinging Mission” this status quo is not presented at all. There is no preconceived structure or emotive compositional aspects to be found here. Instead, the sound is directly sourced from field recordings of skateboarding sessions with friends…which are, of course, amplified and distorted beyond recognition.

This is Scald Hymn’s sound being boiled down and reduced to the bare essentials, and somehow, in it’s simplicity, it effortlessly evokes the true spirit of the individual behind its creation.

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