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Following the recent Marred By Time LP on Crisis Of Taste, Remnants continues to take listeners on a seemingly-endless voyage through dark and decaying passages on Vacant Corridor. Ryan Marino of NYC has been producing tape works as Remnants since 2010, primarily on his own Imminent Frequencies imprint, which has also presented the works of a variety of vital noise and experimental artists from around the globe. The essence of Remnants is just that: residue and fragments of the past, present, and future are captured and arranged together to create an alternate reality of infinite time, blurred memories, and weightlessness. Constant tape hiss adds to the aural hypnosis created on Vacant Corridor: it acts as an object that the listener can hold onto while passing by projections of faded impressions, the line of sibilance being the only thing guiding the listener down a path that never ends.

(Text by Luke Tandy/Skeleton Dust Recordings)

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