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Detroit experimental turntablist collective PURE RAVE has presented the label with an audio document of their exploration of the wreckage of the consumer and commodity. Through not only the records they select for sampling, altering, loop-cutting and manipulating – but also through the reappropriation and modification of consumer electronic goods (the turntable, the mixer, the drum machine, the CDJ, etc) – the collective (here, helmed by newest addition Will Lawson) is able to deterritorialize sound from its intended context and use (whether for entertainment / home listening, industrial trade use, political propagandizing, or the function that dance music records serve as a fundamental tool in the kit of the turntable operator) and then reterritorialize it upon a plane that presents its thesis – the creative destruction of sound-commodity-as-detritus, the fragility of the consumer supply chain, the decomposition of history within the commodity-spectacle, and the function of an art that reappropriates this deconstruction as a unique object of purpose.

Pure Rave was operated in this instance by Will Lawson.
Mastered by K. Bednar. Layout and design by Seith Communiti, digital print on heavy card stock by Outlandish Press. Limited to 50 physical copies.

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