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PRIMITIVE ISOLATION TACTICS – Jackals Howling Across the Deserts of Time CS


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Edition of 32 (Standard White Norelco Cases with modified J-Card, stamped and sealed with speaker wire fibres)

The howl precedes the prowl…but there is not much preparatory canine pack chatter or aimless roving happening on this new effort from Montreal’s Taylor Geddes. The contents of this tape know how to sink their small gritty teeth into the eardrums right from the start with steady buzz, cresting white feedback flutter, tonal rattling and scurrying internal feedback patterns. This focused attack on the nerves delivers some fine swaying rumble and clicking stutter with that occasional knob stop hiss. A cycling, unsettled drone emerges on the flip side, blended with a subtle field recording and small scale shaking and scraping impurities. As high frequency smears and dragging gear sounds set in, the weary desert wanderer knows that he is still being stalked by pesky critters as all the reserves are now exhausted and a quick whiteout blow stops him in his tracks for good.


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