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A fourth full excursion from us little Outliers, still right where we always were and doing it all on our own, without a care in the world. Yeah, right… 2022 was a very busy year, but luckily the group snuck in some time to keep the momentum going and the vision strong.

Drawn from a series of in depth sessions set up throughout July 2022, Alluvium Blues represents a further solidification of our effervescent sounds and brings our strange dimensions and ambient terrains to a pinnacle of fruition that’s in turn soothing and unsettling.

Or something like that.

Isn’t everybody just making things up as they go along? We’ve been making up this group since day one and its sound is one of distinction and singularity. I like that. We both do. We didn’t so much seek out a sound as the sound sought us out. So, we hope you’ll find us worth seeking out and adding to some obscure after midnight listening list.

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