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Communization Electronics. Death to slumlords.

Punishment stands firm and true on this devastating debut from OUR WRONGS. Consisting of Kenny Sanderson (Like Weeds, Ex-Facialmess) and Adam Jennings (Disrotted, Winters In Osaka, Mortify) “My Skin” is an impenetrable document of dynamic power-electronics. Creeping synths and looping rhythms of static stand heavy over samples detailing gentrification practices in different forms. Extremely brutish and distorted vocals struggle with distorted pulses and tones. Underneath these loops and washes is a similar brand of cut up cacophony we know, but lies within so much rubble that everything is built anew. Clashing with all that atmosphere is truly harsh segments of electronic pulses and synth waves, like a community rising to reduce their oppressors to ruins.

“I’ve destroyed 100 years of culture. I love living in this pure skin.”
Feel your blood boil and your hand lift the hammer, before it comes crashing down on the skull of those who wish to gentrify.

OUR WRONGS is Sanderson/Jennings.

Professionally duplicated C20 cassette. White shell with sticker label.
Printed cardstock j-cards. Art and layout by Shea Hardacre.

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