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“Danila smashes the vase and begins work on a new piece of malachite. The spirit of the malachite appears and with the touch of her hand shapes the stone, but as she disappears the stone resumes its original form. Danila pursues the spirit, who sometimes appears as a fairy, sometimes as a lizard, finally revealing herself to be the Mistress of the Copper Mountain. There she leads Danila to her underground realm shere she is surrounded by maidens who are the sprits of the various precious stones. Danila is dazzled as he watches the blossoming of these fairy stone flowers.” Seeing Nika Danilova during a ZOLA JESUS live show gives the viewer a sense of her understanding of power through construction, subtle layering, and eventual destruction of the sound elements. The result of these rapid and vivid cracked landscapes of rough sound during an otherwise musical performance reminds the listener and viewer of Danilova’s propensity for straight rough sound work. Lake Shark HN is lucky enough to be able to present an example Danilova’s pure harsh noise work under the project title NIKA. Massive avalanches of texture and thunder extend and cascade above controlled lines of rapid, shredded and screaming electronics. The tendril-like streaks of fiery harsh sound constantly peak and then stab back into the bedrock foundation made up of the shrieking rapid-fire walls of noise creating an overwhelming example of the ‘Americanoise’ style all the while conjuring a vivid mix of something like Controlled Bleeding and CCCC. “These are several experiments in prodding the coarseness of id. To hit the primal nerve. Total restraint met with total sovereignty of the core. All pieces were done live and in one take.” – Nika Danilova. Pro-tape C20, edition of 81, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging.

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