MOTH DRAKULA – Live In Purgatory II CS


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Vol. 2 in a series of 3, the next chapter from the Purgatorio sessions is now available.
The impetus of these sessions bordered on some kind of hate. A loathing of ones gear, despising nostalgia, and a general distaste for genre gang mentality.
What began as a nod in 2019 became a reality in June of last year. Source was recorded, and then tracks created, which were passed back and forth for a number of months, and now over 4.5 hours of new material have surfaced.
The Purgatorio sessions are the core of this resurrection, chaotic screams from the abyss heard through the walls of limbo’s waiting room.
Caustic ambience for our new age of paranoia.

Side A: Blanket of Ash (9:56)
Side B: Carved Within a Voice (10:00)

Play loud. Expect hiss.

All new material recorded in 2023.

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