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MOT is Paul Van Trigt (known also for his stunning visual art on countless album covers throughout the international noise/experimental community).

Paul’s technique with sound design is similar to his graphic design, in that it contains various accumulated ideas and sources, individually honed in on and shaped to desired completion before being carefully collaged together to form a final statement of improvised tape abuse.

The work on “IDES” follows excellent releases on labels such as Absurd Exposition, Cruel Symphonies, Grisaille and New Forces…each one with it’s own unique feel and sonic palette, while all simultaneously being recognizable as MOT…and what we get here is a continuation of the gritty lo-fi tape loops that build and weave into each other with patient precision and seemingly effortless fluidity.

Side A starts with a haunting, hypnotic, tinny hiss ridden loop (of what sounds like processed bells or flute) before fading into sputtering decay that builds, layer upon layer, of satisfying crispy textures. It’s all over too soon, leaving you wanting it to go on forever…

Side B begins with a crude unsettling tone that hesitantly starts and stops continuously before submitting to a dense, fast, vicious swarm of grinding low end crunch with shrill high frequencies squirming to the top.

This is just a small dose of what hopefully leads to a more extensive endeavor in the future.

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