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Spectral Doppelganger takes the principles of Magnetic Coroner’s guidelines for discarded tape reuse, and applies them to augmenting the very literal refuse of what’s left after each session. These tracks are composed entirely of discarded tape that had been used as the loop on 1-2 tape delays. These loops were then played back on a dying reel to reel at multiple speeds, to be further processed through the same tape delay. The best results were recorded, layered and edited into a series of 4-6 minute pieces.

Each tape scrap contains a piece of its’ original audio and the last breath of a tape echo recording. Each tape leaves a fraction of itself on the next empty loop. Familiar patterns emerge and dissipate with some apparent re-use, but there is no hidden message. No intent. All we are hearing is a haunting of a malformed duplicate, or several at a time, repeating infinitely.

Recycled tapes, recycled tape cases, silk-screened/hand-stamped labels, and two color j-cards printed on recycled paper.

Gracious Host
Ghost 15

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