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PYRE HYMNS consists of two writhing drone pieces from Cork’s Johnathan Deasy. Working under the KNOWING alias, Deasy summons a pair of thick modulating dirges which see textures loop, recur and subduct to transcendental effect. Drawing inspiration from tape noise heavyweights such as Aaron Dilloway, the project is a vector for the artist to break away from the classical minimalism of his typical mode, and builds upon previous releases for the Falt & Neologist Productions labels to further plough a furrow into an abstract realm of degraded textural drone.

Sounds are recorded live to cassette, bounced from cassette to sampler, and processed live through FX units; this process allows Deasy to improvise as much as possible within his chosen palettes. A process of beguiling sonic disorientation is chiseled out from these thick slabs of tone, transporting the listener into the animistic sludge of displaced folk cultures, summoning up imagined projections of hallowed ceremonies from the twilight of the recent past.

Crackling wood smoke billows from a midsummer eve bonfire, drifting through the fjords at dusk. Radio receivers pick up the rumble, billowing and creaking, accidental transmissions relayed at some obscure frequency, filtering into the monolithic muscle memory of primordial trance states. Figures dance in the embers of these fading fossil tones and static echoes; murmuring voices reach out from the past and croak up snatches of sustained organ like vibrations, which emerge coated in the murk of some deep undertow. A meditation of deep listening and deep time, PYRE HYMNS billows through the twilight, ordaining the landscape of imagination with droning transmissions, exhumed from the subterranean landscape of not so distant memory banks.

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