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Kartio is a Finnish word for speaker cone. Sähkömusiikki is a Finnish word for electronic music. It is also the name of the course of electroacoustic music at Tampere Konservatorio. This double tape contains works and material studies from probably the last course, since that program is being terminated by the conservatory’s administration.

Kartio is a project of electronic music by Pentti Dassum (Umpio, Häkki, SM/DP..) Electronic music cannot exist without speakers. These selected tracks are the results of 28 sessions at the conservatory’s Labra studio in Tampere, exploring modular synthesis, and the infinite possibilities of polychronic composition. Also an old reel-to-reel tape was cannibalized and recycled. On it was some language course for basic italian, bird sounds, and unidentified classical music. In that sense, a complete set of tools for electroacoustic music were used and as such form a tribute to the future sound of a not too far past.


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