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Kartio is a Finnish word for speaker cone. Electronic music cannot exist without speakers.
Kartio is a project of electronic music by Pentti Dassum (Umpio,
Romutus, SM/DP…)

Klimaprofesis is the second album, inspired by the catastrophic climate collapse we are facing. Microactions have no more effect on a larger macroscopic scale, median temperatures are rising and the almost undetectable seismic movements are in motion anyway.

These selected tracks are the results of the last sessions at the
conservatory’s now terminated Labra studio in Tampere, exploring
acoustic tabletop recordings, and modular synthesis on Eurorack, Reaktor and VCVrack. A testament to an inspiring studio neglected by bureaucratic incompetence.

Hand-assembled on recycled tapes, painted by artist. Comes in a silkscreen printed cardboard box and six panel insert.
(Note: Be sure to reel beginning of the leader inside a tape before playing, in case there might be traces of spray to prevent scuffing of tape heads)

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