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Junkyard Shaman is a project of Finnish sound and visual artist Jere Kilpinen, currently located in Japan. On his own words about the album:

“The final part of a trilogy of albums that started with Flesh Hole and Dada Bones, Lost Mind is a collection of broken word poetry, scrap metal sounds, fragments of field recordings and gagaku instruments. The idea of these albums was to simulate my consciousness collaged as sound, with ill remembered memories mixing up with vanishing dreams and subconscious hallucinations. On this last one I also wanted to bring in the approach of breaking down the architecture of language and therefore the consciousness and mind itself.”

Cassette comes in a folded cardboard cover in three different colours (25 copies on brown cardboard, 20 copies on black cardboard and rest on brown/white cardboard). Front cover is made by artist, using traditional Japanese woodblock printing with sumi on self-rusted Japanese paper. Every tape is unique and comes with A4 lyric insert and stapled wood block printed tracklist. Chrome tape limited to 100 copies.

Colour of the cardboard comes on random

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