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Jeph Jerman is a notable sound artist of the American experimental/noise music scene, a curious sonic explorer of the different qualities of sound. He started practising with recording and performing from the mid-80’s, improvising with natural found objects and constructed crude sound-making devices which play on their own. Through these years, Jeph Jerman is exploring the sonic possibilities of the recording process, amplifying barely audible sounds and interact sonically with the land and the recording machines. He experiments with various recording techniques, using stereo digital recorders, old analog tape machines, contact mics and hydrophones.

Grayware is summarising his recent multidisciplinary approach of his sonic material. Jeph Jerman’s archival recordings distressed in various ways and recomposed here, producing convincing sounds the origins of which are unknowable. Abstraction of the music form turn listener’s attention ever toward the sounds themselves, which are occasionally interrupted by sound events that change the structure and the flow of the composition.

Grayware is released on July of 2020, on a limmited edition cassette of 80 copies.

Cover photo by Jeph Jerman.
Cover design & mastering by Moras Marios.

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