INTERNECINE – Alamance Jugend CS + Zine


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The first full-length document from Internecine.
Six tracks exploring the realities of the American South.
Anti-Pastoral Power Electronics.
Mixed & Mastered by Eric Trude (Stress Orphan/ Red Army Ensemble)
Pro-dubbed chrome c38, with 4-panel j-card and 8 page accompaniment.

“Alamance Jugend” is a homage to classic industrial music, but executed with a skilled and tasteful adaptation of contemporary production techniques. It encapsulates the spirit and atmosphere of avant-garde electronic music, whose vulgar and crude modes circulated the international tape trade network in the 80s, all while still sounding futuristic. Perhaps that interesting duality is achieved through its meticulous, focused approach to composition and skillful use of a wide array of sounds, which range from electro-acoustics to strikingly clever synth woven throughout . The overall atmosphere of the album is inherently cold and distant while maintaining a level of maniacal hysteria lingering in the background. It is a truly rare and unique release, not to be overlooked.”

– Dawid Kowalski (Purgist).

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