INTERIOR ONE / CONCAVE/CONVEX / BRETHING PROBLEM – Examples of Abduction and Kidnapping in the United States of America 3CS + Zine


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Countless years in the making this is a split release featuring three projects all lead by Emelia McKay and Rusty Kelley of BPP..

This split is collectively called “Examples of Abduction And Kidnapping In The United States Of America”.. It features:

Interior One’s album “18 Years” is a raw disgusting PE piece dealing with the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard… Interior One may be known for their uncompromising and filthy sound but this album is crafted with a care and love that only a true prisoner could appreciate..

Concave Convex’s album “I Built This For You” is pure body horror electronics dealing with the kidnapping and torture of Colleen Stan.. A document obsessed with pure physical pain..

Breathing Problem’s “Strength & Honor” features their own classic brand of highly produced and at times melodic power electronics dealing with the Cheshire CT tragedy, the Elizabeth Smart case and the Cleveland abductions.. It is a collage of sound scapes and concepts related to trauma, survival, tragedy and abuse..

Over two hours of material from all three projects.. Mastered by J.Stillings…

All three cassettes are housed in a pro printed slipcase..

The special edition comes with a 20 page oversized booklet containing lyrics, essays and many pages of art by BPP…

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