HIHELGA – Nocturnal Deception of the Blood Town Sound CS


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The omnipresent scorn beams sun down onto the plate containing 5 objects capable of ruin onto the self and onto the body of your own body that is your own self. On the shelf are 8-12 guns ranging in date of manufacture from 1837-2021. The deception felt by the herd is suddenly replaced by the euphoria of the flower emoji in 5000 pieces enters the nose thru vehicle of the tube soon to be interrupted by a man, mad, wielding small yet stealthy and capable shank, keep your sheild held medium high to block the incoming annoying attack. Your annoyance only serves and presents itself as laughter and mockery so reap the viral train of thought hidden within all saints of the nation.

The most ruthless jaded and begrudgened hihelga document to date is here and you just have to buy it for your health and safety depend on it. Nocturnal Deception of the Blood Town Sound was produced in renoise, mixed in Ableton, Mastered to a degree in NYC and LA 2021-2022 so don’t even try to copy this shit hater or poser fuck off, get ur own swag and don’t copy this cuz u could nevaaaaa:P

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