HATTIFNATTAR – Noise Multipliers CS


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While working on a Violent Shogun cassette we’ve been planning to release for long time (now ready for dubbing, and absolutely worth the wait) the ever great Rémi sent me some home recordings for a new project that he had just started, quite different from all the other stuff he does, to listen to. I did, and loved it, so we quickly decided to put out both tapes. Slow and murky harsh noise, no distortion pedals, lots of ambience and atmosphere, aptly referred as Hattifnattar. It reminded me a lot of old grim nocturnal sweden landscapes, specifically Gothenburg Blood Cult, even more specifically the never enough revered Vårtgård … although not really sounding the same. No Hattifnattar portrayed in the artwork, so you can do your thing. Mastered by the master wizard Grant Richardson.

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