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A follow up to 2017’s “Egress Report”, and an appearance on Tesco’s “Projekt Neue Ordnung II” compilation, “Communication Denial” is perhaps Griefer’s most concise effort to date. Lyrics about surveillance culture, data mining, dark web endeavours and classic hacker exploits aimed at big tech are shouted over the signature looped barrages of clanging metal, sawing blades and resounding alarms that have come to define Griefer’s sound over the past 17 years. Instrumentals such as “Palantir” bring to mind rattling server rack mounts deep in cold storage, while the sonic revving-up of “787 Avionics Network” gives way to a manufacturing-line march to the beat of Boeing’s half truths and guises, markedly in order: “We will not provide any evidence / You will trust us implicitly.” “Communication Denial” is a welcomed timely return to Absurd Exposition amid elections tampering, foreign influences on social media, and general heightened digital paranoia. “A future of widespread distrust is upon us.”

Edition of 105 tapes pro-dubbed in real time with paper labels. The first 100 copies include download codes.

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