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GEORGE RAYNER-LAW – The Tryal of Old Christmas CS


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Brachliegen mainstay GEORGE RAYNER-LAW delivers his third solo release of the year, an offering of good cheer and merriment straight from Nowelis’ festive sack. THE TRYAL OF OLD CHRISTMAS is 20 minutes of saturated yuletide tapework wherein resonant bells from London and France peal against tectonic organ chords and degraded trial records. In defence of the lamented Nowell, GRL rallies against the scoundrels of the jury who would decide Father Christmas’ fate in Josiah King’s classic 1658 seasonal pamphlet The Examination and Tryall of Old Father Christmas. Written at the time of Cromwell’s ban on yuletide festivities due to their popish jollification, King’s text positions the figurative Old Christmas as a part of the English constitutional firmament, a timeless personification of the festive period who does not incite men to excess but rather celebration and good cheer. An ode to playe days, good cheer, plum pudding, and plenty good olde English beer, THE TRYAL OF OLD CHRISTMAS is a yuletide celebration mounted in defence of this old Gentleman thus egregiously abused. “Lets dance and sing, and make good chear, / For Christmas comes but once a year.” Be not like Mr. Hate-good and enjoy a protean Christmas with this meditative celebration of the commonweal!

‘Here comes I, old Father Christmas;
Welcome, or welcome not,
I hope poor old Father Christmas
Will never be forgot!
My head is white, my back is bent,
My knees are weak, my strength is spent.
Eighteen hundred and eighty-three
Is a very great age for me.
And if I’d been growing all these years
What a monster I should be!’

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