“FATE” CS (Jason Crumer)


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*Please note that these copies do not include any sage


“Beginning in 1828, house owner John Hart Crenshaw leased the state salt springs near Equality Township, Gallatin County, Illinois, built a mansion with a mysterious third floor – and created the most restless ghosts in Egypt.” (1)

limited to 35 copies


• jcard custom embossed with the word “fate” in standard case

• 1 bundle of white sage, tied by a black dress shoe string

• Ten of the 35 cassettes have a key randomly placed inside, which unlock five padlocks. (2)

• artist finger print

• each cassette infused with the scent of sage through heavy smoke exposure (video) (3)

• Ripped out pages from The State of Southern Illinois by Herbert Russell, embossed with “fate” are included, as well as similar cut-outs with “fate” embossed on each tape side.

• two five minute sides of Jason Crumer repeating the word “fate” (4)

No authorized digital version is available.

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