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After three excellent tapes and a CD on Oxen, within the span of the past couple of years, the name Dressing has had a fairly quick and well deserved ascension toward becoming one of the most recognized and celebrated names in the general noise community.

It’s the alias of Dublin based artist Kevin Kirwan, who works mainly with tape manipulated field recordings and acoustic objects that are captured and transformed into extended loop studies, emphasized with plenty of ambient hiss, squirming electronics and shrieking internal feedback.

Some harsher rumbling textures make brief appearances, yet it’s never forced or urgent but rather restrained and presented in order to build tension and give way to an eventual release.

The two pieces on “Morning Terror, Evening Well” find Dressing operating in longer compositions then previous releases that primarily consisted of 5-15 minute tracks. The result is his most slowburning affair, exploring a variety of rich passages each given time to fully develop and seamlessly transition into each other without being rushed or abruptly shifted.

Highly recommended for fans of Jeph Jerman, Altar of Flies or Kjostad.

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