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Evidence Object #8 – death squad

1995 – Early Unreleased Recordings

15 minutes each side

Edition of 47 in security bag + random photocopy from same time.


The Evidence series has been active for twenty years, some releases are anonymous, while others are not. Many have not been documented. A few releases were placed in random geographic locations by various individuals.


Side one of this recording was from an old unmarked TDK D60 tape, directly digitized, then played as a source and dubbed onto the cassettes. For most of death squad’s existence any tapes that were used for releases had been marked. This one was not, one of the bad habits that I had gotten into was recording material and never labeling the cassette. I still have many unmarked tapes.


The second side is from a tape labeled “Trevor / Michael, Dec. 1995 shrooms”. Trevor was my brother who passed away in 2017. He was a member and collaborator of death squad. I listened to the tape numerous times and recognized his laugh in the conversation parts that were omitted. This was either recorded at my flat in San Francisco or perhaps in my parents garage in the suburbs. Either way it is an accurate and correct death squad recording. If I remember correctly we had both consumed mushrooms.

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