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“Deaf squab was a Winnipeg noise band made up of family members Celia Coles, Martin Finkenzeller, Aston Coles and Irene Bindi. The instruments, electronics, speakers and amps used were home made from parts and materials on hand at the time, sometimes scavenged from discarded equipment, or were altered and improperly used in order to find hidden voices within equipment that was sometimes not intended to make its own sound. Speakers were manipulated physically and treated as instruments. Rudimentary string instruments were amplified using improvised pickups made from speakers found in smoke detectors, children’s toys etc. or were made from scratch by winding wire around magnets. Drums and mics were borrowed or donated by the friendly neighbour Crabskull who made these recordings.” Write up by Aston Coles

Recordings unearthed by Crabskull
Mixed by B.P.

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