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DAVID E. WILLIAMS – Live 1990 vs. 2016 CS

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Your favorite troubling troubadour returns to cassette culture with 90 minutes of live music and the playfully iniquitous stage banter that has characterized his performances for over a third of a century!

Two full concerts, mostly solo with occasional guests. As the title suggests, there’s one from 1990 (Philadelphia) and one from 2016 (by a lake in rural Vermont). A total of 25 songs!!!

Many early and later hits (including 3 of the 4 songs from the original Pseudo Erotica) and moderate obscurities like “A Man Needs a Man Friend” (performed live only ONCE), “Heat’s Down the Seeking Missile” and “Last Belch of the Fish”.

Self-released on C90 cassette by Mr. Williams in a limited edition of 100.

Catalog # DEWcass001.

Mastered for cassette by James Plotkin.

With performance contributions from Michael Franklin, Ian Campbell (Crooked Mouth), Tony Cesa (Destroying Angel), Albo Sudekum (Apibus) and the inimitable Jerome Deppe.

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