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Cyess Afxzs (pronounced “Size Affects”) is from Ireland and currently residing in Switzerland, and is quickly becoming known and revered by fans and peers alike due to their adventurous dynamic compositions that often utilize sounds no one has yet heard in contemporary Harsh Noise, creating an open space to explore so that the listener has no idea what to anticipate next.

One key ingredient that I’m fond of is how feedback is shaped into a melodic almost musical instrument, while heavy blasts of Harsh Noise build and subside…and then of course there is always something extra sprinkled in to give it that “whoa, what is this?” moment.

Cyess Afxzs does a lot of cool stuff in a short period of time.

Continuing the trend of paying homage to Cyess Afxzs favorite painters, “Kubin” is inspired by the work of Austrian artist Alfred Kubin.

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