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ANIELLO – Torino la prima volta CS


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Aniello Maffettone is a young man – now residing in Torino – as much creative as stingy of releases: his previous work on Opal tapes is from 2013. Tunes of this release date back to the period of his transfer from a small town in southern Italy to a large post-industrial city in the North West; so they’re a soundtrack of a serene disorientation, not devoid of dour folds and pink shadows of anguish…
Among the infinity of music made with synthesizers, nowadays it has become quite rare and difficult to hear something that is not modular boredom, dull drone, hi fi baroque something or redundant whatelse… Aniello’s music is none of this. Mostly brooding but highly dynamic, and sometimes impetuous, his sound is truly warm and intense. A series of drafts, simple harmonic sequences conflagrate in stupendous weaving, progressions on a constant analogue hiss – almost an unaware warning on the intrinsic precariousness of reality… A worth listen in your winter.

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