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Following a series of solo releases for Canadian imprint Absurd Exposition, Toronto-based producer ANDREW NOLAN has constructed eight dizzying compositions that fuse elements of super-heavy dub, industrial hip hop and anxiety-ridden synth music into a brutal cosmopolitan synthesis. Black Creek is an attempt at assembling elements of the sonic psychogeography of 1980s Leeds, UK, and then reducing it down to what remains – “Radiophonic Workshop reimagined as a soundsystem,” in the artists’ own words. The tracks are tinged with a kind of subliminal horror and nauseous miasma, bleeding unwell energies from one track to the next, weaving coldly through uneasy dreamlike ambiance and intense peaks toward a somber epilogue. =

All tracks written and mastered by Andrew Nolan from Oct 2020 – Jan 2021 in Toronto

Layout and design by Seith Communiti, digital print on heavy card stock by Outlandish Press. Limited to 50 physical copies.

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