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  • Out Now: MATRIARCH + PNL(A) CDs!


    Two new releases on Absurd Exposition

    Physical: screamandwrithe.com
    Digital: absurdexposition.bandcamp.com

    AE80: Matriarch – Visible Paint CD
    Following an excellent debut and a split with Kjostad (both tapes on New Forces), Matriarch steps into a realm of ambient soundscapes with Visible Paint. An hour of dense low end, shimmering oscillations, rattle and hum.

    “Those boys, those sad, raging boys… They came to me as the needy do. And like many of the needy, they were rude. Like all the needy, they took. And like all the needy, they needed. Father. I knew them; They learn in our school, and play in our schoolyard. And they are good boys.”

    Matriarch is Julia Spotts
    Mastered by Grant Richardson

    CDs housed in 4-panel ecopaks
    AE82: pnl(a) – Fashion Skull 3″ CD-R
    Fashion Skull is the sister album to Compulsion Fabric (Buried in Slag and Debris, 2022). An assemblage of found sound culled from half century old magnetic tape, analogue processing and destructive machine manipulation.

    The final transmission from TC200.

    Photos/Sounds – Brandon Auger
    Layout/Design – Christopher Gibson

    Standard edition in 3″ cases with double-sided artwork.

    Limited edition of 5 copies in unique packaging assembled from the Sony TC200 tape machine used to make the recordings.