New Website Launch

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The new site is up and running. A few design tweaks need to be implemented, but otherwise everything should be good to go.

Some notes:

– You might see a warning on the cart page regarding an invalid shipping address – just ignore it if you see it.

– The shipping calculator is more accurate than on the previous site. You are now seeing and paying exact Canada Post rates. Unfortunately “Lettermail” seems to appear and stick around even when it is not applicable to particular orders. Please read the note in your cart regarding Lettermail before you begin the checkout process. Of course errors can still occur, and any overcharges will be refunded.

– New “Cash on delivery” option can be used for reservations (previously approved customers only, please) and/or local pickup

– Credit card payments are now accepted through Square but you can still use a credit card through PayPal if you wish (and this is preferred).

The site does not appear to work on mobile at the moment. Mobile support has been added.

Please report any problems or other suggestions.

Depending on what (if anything) arrives tomorrow there may or may not be a distro update this weekend. Plenty of stuff is incoming while we wait out the backlog of Canada Post’s six-week rotating strikes.