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  • New Arrivals: Cheeses International, Hästen & Korset, Monorail Trespassing, No Rent, Second Sleep, Urashima, Usagi + New Noise Forum!

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    Spawned out of a conversation with Oskar/WCN after recording an interview for his podcast (which will be out in the coming weeks) and recognizing a need for more noise discussion outside of the swamp that is Facebook, I’m pleased to announce the new Scream & Writhe forum. Nearly 200 members signed up in the first 48 hours and activity has been consistent. It’s a bit of fresh air and I was pleasantly surprised at how many people got on board with enthusiasm right out of the gate. Come through and stick around!

    Some hefty new arrivals in this update including the new Sewer Election LP on Second Sleep, a massive early Merzbow collection on Urashima, unearthed Aube from Cheeses International, golden age Macronympha from Usagi, notable Monorail Trespassing re-editions, and a DIY-deluxe-packaged Barstool Mountain tape on Hästen & Korset.

    Some Absurd Exposition updates:

    Merzbow test pressings were approved some weeks ago, the artwork proofs have also just been approved. A true ETA is still anyone’s guess at this point. There will be a very limited art edition and a limited colour edition. Details on those later.

    As for the next batch: Artwork for The Rita tape has been screened, I’ll be picking up the finished product this afternoon. Knurl tapes are almost all dubbed, just need to source a few more tapes. Artwork for the Mot & Violent Shogun tape is being finalized before it’s off to the risographer and packaging materials are en route for the Andrew Nolan / Misery Engine split. It’ll be a minute yet before everything is ready to go with the batch, but things will look pretty good once we get there.
    New Arrivals

    Cheeses International
    AUBE – Hydrophobia 1993 LP
    SMELL & QUIM – Cuntybubbles LP

    Hästen & Korset / related
    ALTAR OF FLIES – Signaler CD
    BARSTOOL MOUNTAIN – II (Memory Eraser) CS Box

    Monorail Trespassing
    JACKSON-PRATT – Semi Good Lookin’ CS
    JACKSON-PRATT – Skullcutter Herringbone CS
    LIGATURE – 245 Days in Hell CS
    SCALD HYMN – Balming Mechanism CS
    SHREDDED NERVE – Bleeding From the Head CS
    VASCULAE – New Orthodoxy CS

    No Rent
    LUCAS ABELA – Making Corner / Full Body Promise CS

    Second Sleep
    CASA DI CACCIA – Acts of Natura 2CS
    DOG LADY – Future Nature CS
    GUIDO GAMBOA – Music for Tape and Spectral/Granular Processes 2CS
    SEWER ELECTION – Skärvor Av LP

    ATRAX MORGUE – Exterminate LP
    ATRAX MORGUE – Overcome LP
    CONTROLLED DEATH – Death Synth Box 5CD Wooden Box
    HIJOKAIDAN – Modern 2LP
    MERZBOW – Collection 001-010 10CD Wooden Box

    Usagi Productions
    C.C.C.C. – Gnosis CD
    MACRONYMPHA – Ultimate Vibrator 2CD
    THE FLEA CIRCUS – Touch of Grey CD

    Incoming: Angst, Artsy, Aurora Central, Bacteria Field, Bent Window, Cipher Productions, Cruel Symphonies, Dead Gods, Dogmatics in Outline, Narcolepsia, No Rent, Small Mercies, Tesco, Tordon Ljud, Total Black, White Centipede Noise