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  • 8/6/21: Neutralize Decay

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    Some comments regarding the “Plein Air” street sale this weekend:

    The impetus for Scream & Writhe’s involvement in this event has always been community-oriented. In an ongoing pandemic world underground “scenes” need as much nurturing as they can get to make up for the lack of community-building events we’re all used to (read: shows – and venues to host them).

    Though Flesh Prison is hosting this event it is also the vendors and participants that will help make it what it will be. S&W is happy to be tabling alongside Cobra Vision, Sinkhole and all of the other DIY vendors doing what they can in their little niches to keep the collective blood flowing.

    I don’t need to go into anything at length here other than to say that I, too, have received defective tapes from Flesh Prison and they have since offered replacements – now it’s in their hands to come through.

    It’s hard to regain trust but I hope for their sake that some lessons have been learned here.

    See you on Sunday.