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  • 5/2/21: 6 New Releases on Absurd Exposition + New Arrivals

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    6 New Releases out now on Absurd Exposition

    MO*TE -Throw a Stone CD
    “Mo*Te propels forward in the year 2021 with another full-length offering of morphed noise psychedelics on “Throw A Stone”. Guided by the dosed mind of Fumiyuki Nagura starting in the mid-90’s, Mo*Te operated in tandem with many other Japanese noise acts such as Government Alpha, Monde Bruits, T.A.D.M., Cracksteel, Outermost, Robochanman, etc.; acts that served equally important roles in forming the wide-reaching web of Japanese noise music, despite often remaining in the shadow of gods like Merzbow, Incapacitants, Masonna, and Hijokaidan. Like many other scenes of noise scattered throughout the world for the last forty years, Japanese noise has a unique sound and feeling that is ultimately unlike any of its other regional peers, and unsurprisingly, Mo*Te is a project that can not be imitated by anyone else. Two words that come to mind when I think of Mo*Te are “JUNK” and “DRUGS”, perhaps because looking through release titles and track names from his catalog will show that Nagura certainly has a proclivity for themes of damage, refuse, and a consciousness under the influence of mind-altering substances. Weaving together acid-soaked noise electronics, junk metal, delirious vocals and what sounds like field recordings from a densely-populated industrial megacity not too far into the future, Mo*Te takes curious listeners on a trip through dark and caustic alleyways, opening various doors along the way to reveal bizarre scenes of the subconscious; places where thoughts and things tossed away previously come together to create something new, strange, and stimulating.”

    – Luke Tandy (Skeleton Dust Records)

    Artwork: Michael Arnott

    Edition of 210 pro CDs housed in standard 4-panel matte digipaks.

    ASTRO – Delta Arcanum CS
    40+ minutes of harsh psychedelia from one of the master Japanese noise units.

    Hiroshi Hasegawa: electronics, field recordings and samplings
    Rohco: electronics

    Artwork: AG

    Edition of 106 pro-dubbed silver tapes with purple pad print label and 5-panel j-card housed in standard norelco cases.
    The first 100 copies include download codes.

    JULIUS MENARD – Separation CS
    Artist’s concept: “The main topic of this release are rituals that symbolize the transition of an individual or a group from one status to another, whether on a personal or social level. The concept was developed by Arnold Van Gennep in ‘Les Rite De Passage’, in which he explored the nature of ceremonies that mark personal or collective changes of identity.

    Van Gennep identified three phases in these rites. First, the separation: when the individual or the group is distanced from their former identities; followed by liminality: the phase in between two conditions (the one from which the individual/group departs and the one which they will enter); and last, reaggregation (or incorporation): the final stage in which the individual/group is readmitted to society as bearer of new status.

    It has less to do with the act of a ritual in detail and more to do with the transformation of the individual(s). One can interpret this topic on spiritual, political or socio-emotional levels.

    This is the first of three tapes concentrating on the section of separation to define the isolation of an individual from their former peer group.”

    Artwork: Jonathan Bergen

    Edition of 51 pro-dubbed on silver matte tapes with standard double-sided J-cards.

    OUR WRONGS is Kenny Sanderson (LIKE WEEDS, FACIALMESS) and Adam Jennings (WINTERS IN OSAKA, Dismantle Records). Two tracks of creepy field recordings, tape loops and crude Trogotronic transmissions.

    SLIT THROATS is Roman Leyva (PLAGUE MOTHER, Harsh Truths Podcast). Ultimate harsh noise purity.

    Edition of 50 pro-dubbed turquoise tapes with standard double-sided j-cards housed in clear/black norelco cases.

    Saturated murk, barreling rust and forest rumble. Scald Hymn is a torch bearer for the New Wave of American Harsh Noise.

    Edition of 101 pro-dubbed white tapes with paper labels and a double-sided insert housed in a 4×6″ bag.
    Includes download code


    It would be impossible to talk about Matt Purse’s UNSUSTAINABLE SOCIAL CONDITION project without addressing the sheer voracious nature of the sounds. Swirling and intricate, also dense and full – pierced, cascading walls that want only to create a path of ruination.

    SIDE A of LIMITED TARGET SET is pure aggression. Pain and absolution only leading to more pain. Anarchy on the verge of control and collapse, masterfully. Feedback that feels like its gone too far, piercing too deeply and unrestrained. Staccato stabs, legato walls. Action, destruction, fear, intimidation. Falling through layers of controlled precision, like falling through a hole laced with sharpened blades, bleeding a bit more at each pass until the inevitable.

    Martial. From controlled to controlling. Authoritative and also completely reckless. SIDE B starts with a bayonet pointed at you, telling you exactly How. It. Is. Going. To. Fucking. Be. The uncontrolled nature of the previous piece has been brought into line, lock step, and is now being used like an artillery battery barrage. You won’t last. No you fucking won’t. Your body armor will be pierced, and you now realize you’ve been the target all along.”

    -Ted Byrnes

    Edition of 52 pro-dubbed burgundy tapes with standard j-cards housed in burgundy norelco cases.

    New Arrivals

    Bent Window
    N. ANTONI – Forms CS

    SISSY SPACEK – Disfathom LP

    Helicopter / Hanson
    ROBERT TURMAN – Chapter Eleven 4CD Box

    Helicopter / Troniks
    STRAIN OF LAWS – The Plotted Pavillion CD

    EBOLA DISCO / ARMENIA – River Ratz / Desfigured Man of War 7”
    ROPE SOCIETY / AM NOT – Диархия 7”

    Prime Ruin
    APAIXONAR – O Amor Dentro Das Maquinas CS
    CHLORINE – Time Sleeps Again CS
    COURTNEY ASZTALOS – A Float Down Erie Blvd. 2CS

    Self Abuse
    ATRAX MORGUE – 195 Melrose Avenue NW2 CD
    PROOF OF THE SHOOTING – Demonstrative Evidence 4CD

    Incoming: AAD, Breathing Problem, CX Records, Fourth Dimension, No Rent, Seith Communiti, Serrated Tapes, Small Mercies, Tesco, Total Black, Urashima