5/10/20: New Arrivals from Beyond the Ruins, Fusty, Modern, Noise Receptor

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Packages have been trickling in here. Seems like anything destined for my home address is showing up, while stuff headed to my work address is being held. This makes sense, as businesses in Montreal are to remain closed until at least May 25th, and knowing this I’m sure Canada Post is not even attempting deliveries to businesses. Our doors are shut but we are still in the building operating mail order, so we are going to try contact Canada Post to let them know we are able to receive. UPDATE: Just confirmed with Canada Post that in the next 3-5 days we will receive our backlog of mail at the shop.

Folks are still receiving their orders worldwide and I’m still here shipping, so definitely don’t hesitate to order if mail services in your country are operational.

In the mean time many things are on order and hopefully some of them will be arriving at my home in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the continued support and stay safe.

New Arrivals

Beyond the Ruins
P.I. – Spiritual Genocide CS

KOUFAR – Middle Eastern Promises 2LP

Modern Tapes
VERHALTEN – Corrupted Structures v.3 CS

Noise Receptor

Incoming titles from Amphetamine Sulphate, Astral Spirits, Bacteria Field, Buried in Slag and Debris, Chefsideologens Bolag, Cloister, Dada Drumming, Deadline, Deterra, Disclosures, Editions Unknown, Fantastique, Feuk, Fördämning Arkiv, Harbinger, Joy de Vivre, Millstone, Narcolepsia, Nefarious Activities, No Rent, Obsessive Fundamental Realism, Oxen, Skeleton Dust, Small Mercies, Total Black, White Centipede Noise