21/10/10 – Halloween Noise Gig + New Arrivals: Amaya Productions, Evidence Tapes, Prose Nagge, Tribe Tapes


Afternoon noise gig at the open-air structure near the Van Horne skatepark in Montreal. Exact time and further info coming ASAP. 2021’s final foray into the noisescape before the encroaching grip of winter.

New Arrivals

Amaya Productions
NIGEL AYERS – “Electronic Resistance” Book

Evidence Tapes
LIVE WIRE – The Binding Agent CS
NOISE NOMADS & SKIN GRAFT – Life Strain / Dressing Down CS
YOHIMBE – Spill Kit CS

Prose Nagge
COST – Lost German Shepard 503 CD-R
GENE PICK – Tactrive Effort CD-R
SKIN CRIME / THE RITA – Maggie Josette CD-R
TASKMASTER / KNOCKING TEETH – Lamentation of the Fire Queen CD-R
VARIOUS – You May Not Even Have To Come Back At All If You Become Perfectly Developed In This Life 2CD-R

Tribe Tapes
SMELL & QUIM – Nativity Colostomy CD+CS+Poster
SMELL & QUIM – Nativity Colostomy CD

Incoming: Amphetamine Sulphate, Anthems of the Undesirable, Aurora Central, Distort Discos, Fantasy 1, Old Europa Cafe, Phage, Rokot, Small Mercies, Tesco, Tordon Ljud, White Centipede Noise