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  • 12/26/20: 20% off for 24 hours / Closed Dec 27 – Jan 3

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    Here we go. One last blast for 2020. Use code SW2020 at checkout for 20% off everything except used items and December new arrivals.

    The sale runs 24 hours from 12AM Dec 26 – 12 AM Dec 27 EST. Afterwards the shop will be closed for a week while things are set up in the new location.

    Please note that this means no orders will ship until next week, after the move is complete and boxes are unpacked.

    Thanks once again for making the best of 2020. Now let’s leave this nasty year behind and bring on a brighter 2021.

    20 of the releases I liked this year:

    BLIND DATE – Acting Class CD (Oxen)
    TED BYRNES – Formula CS (Lake Shark Harsh Noise)
    C.C.C.C. – Amplified Crystal II 2CD (New Forces)
    THE CHERRY POINT – Live Hell CD (Helicopter / Troniks)
    CRAWL OF TIME – Operation Black Widow CD (Chondritic Sound)
    EMIL BEAULIEAU – Polio CS (Hospital)
    FORM HUNTER LP (Found Remains)
    DAVID GILDEN – Temporary Sedation CD (Troniks)
    JACKSON-PRATT – Deep In the Night, I’m Lost In Love CD (Oxen)
    K2 – Hypertrophy CS (Nefarious Activities)
    JOSH LANDES – Provincial Electronics CD-R (Arkeen)
    MANIA – Eros + Massacre CS / If They Move… Kill ‘Em CS / Miserable Disposition CS
    MO*TE – Love the Junk of Society CS (Skeleton Dust)
    THE RITA – Anna Kogler Found In the River CD (Phage Tapes)
    RUSALKA – Uncertain Current CS (Buried In Slag and Debris)
    SCALD HYMN – Balming Mechanism CS (Monorail Trespassing)
    SLIT THROATS – Joshi Noise Worship: Women’s Most Violent 2CD (Phage Tapes)
    STAR – Last Vestige of Malehood CS (White Centipede Noise)
    YELLOW YEARS – Gargdom CS (Dead Gods)
    ZONA INDUSTRIALE – Neutro CS (Narcolepsia)

    Absurd Exposition 2020:

    B.P. – Zhiishiibi-Zhiibiing CS
    TED BYRNES – All Hands CS
    GRIEFER – Communication Denial CS
    JUTE – Simstim CS
    KIER-LA JANISSE / THE RITA – Introduction and Immersion CS
    KNURL – Initial Shock CD + DVD
    MOT – Savage CS
    ANDREW NOLAN – Background Music CS (repress)
    ANDREW NOLAN – Museum Etiquette CS
    PHOCOMELUS – No Human’s Involved CS
    THE RITA – Sharks and the Female Form CS (repress)
    VIOLENT SHOGUN – The Possibility of Life’s Destruction CS

    Next batch coming spring 2021.