6/7/20: New Arrivals and Restocks from No Rent, Skeleton Dust, White Centipede Noise


NOTE: There were some issues with the website overnight, please report any problems you might have with placing your order. Thanks.

It’s been a pretty intense couple of weeks in the midst of these long and stressful months. Everything is upside down, but some things are starting to turn right side up. There’s a long way to go and Canada is certainly no angel when it comes to the reality of systemic racism. All money from digital sales for the month of June will be split between donations to the Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (Montreal-based independent, non-profit civil rights organization founded in 1983 with the mandate to promote racial equality and combat racism in Canada) and the Native Friendship Centre Montreal (non-profit, non-sectarian, autonomous community development agency whose principal mission is to promote, develop, and enhance the quality of life in the Urban Indigenous community of Montreal). Any Absurd Exposition artists who wish to donate their share of digital sales can also do so. A portion of physical sales will be contributed as well, so as to make a substantial enough donation to both organizations. This is on top of already-occurring personal monthly donations to the Unist’ot’en Camp (a new fuel spill occurred on Wet’suwet’en territory this week) and the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

The savage mutilation of the human race is set on course. It is up to us to change that course.

My Dungeon Shook (aka A Letter to My Nephew. James Baldwin, 1962)
Off the Pig (Black Panther Party video, 1968)
Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance (Alanis Obomsawin documentary, 1993)
Where to Donate – Canada

New Arrivals and Restocks

A small but solid update this week. Incoming mail continues to be unpredictable. Multiple packages shipped the same day from the same label show up days or weeks apart with no rhyme or reason. It’s understandably a bit of a wild west out there, but all orders dispatched from me continue to arrive with people (often in a timely fashion). Much respect to the actions taken by Skeleton Dust and White Centipede Noise to raise money and awareness about the present issues at hand.

No Rent
AETHER JAG – Curved Peacetime CS
ANDROMEDA SOCIETY – Live Infant Dissection CS
HUMAN GUILT – Coordinates CS
JUNTA CADRE – Vietnam Forever CS
MOLASSES – Parasomnia CS

Skeleton Dust
HIVE – Demiurge 2CS
MO*TE – Love the Junk of Society CS
VARIOUS – Contemporary Harsh Noise Vol VI: Materialism 2CS

White Centipede Noise
WINCE – Vasovagal Syncope CS

Incoming titles from 16 Shots per Second, Amphetamine Sulphate, Bacteria Field, Breathing Problem, Chefsideologens Bolag, Cloister, Dead Gods, Deadline, Deterra, Disclosures, Easy Listening, Fantastique, Fördämning Arkiv, Fusty, Joy de Vivre, Millstone, Narcolepsia, Nefarious Activities, No Rent, Obsessive Fundamental Realism, Putojefe, Reanimated Miscarriage, Skin Trade, Small Mercies, SSSM, Total Black, White Centipede Noise