12/17/18: Amphetamine Sulphate titles now in stock


Now stocking titles from Texas publishing house Amphetamine Sulphate, run by Philip Best (WHITEHOUSE, CONSUMER ELECTRONICS) and Sarah Froelich (CONSUMER ELECTRONICS).

Primarily focusing on chapbooks ranging from memoirs to experimental novellas to transgressive prose from authors in and/or related to the industrial/noise world. You’ll find works from Best himself alongside Martin Bladh (IRM), Simon Morris (SMELL & QUIM), Gary Mundy (RAMLEH / Broken Flag), and others. See the full list below.

ALEX BINNIE – “Scum” Chapbook
GABI LOSONCY – “Second Person” Chapbook
GARY MUNDY – “Specialist Fabricator” Chapbook
JASON WILLIAMSON – “Happy Days” Book
JASON WILLIAMSON – “Slabs from Paradise” Chapbook
JOSH PETERSON – “Missing” Chapbook
MARTIN BLADH – “Marty Page” Chapbook
NEW JUCHE – “Stupid Baby” Chapbook
PHILIP BEST – “Captagon” Chapbook
SAMANTHA DAVIES & MATTHEW BOWER – “Talisman Angelical” Chapbook
SIMON MORRIS – “Civil War” Chapbook
SIMON MORRIS – “Creepshots” Chapbook
THOMAS MOORE & STEVEN PURTILL – “Small Talk at the Clinic” Art Book

I can personally recommend most of these in high regard. Checking out the individual product pages will give you more info on each title.

This initial stocking is a trial run. Some titles may sell quickly, others may not, but regardless there will be a restock of any and all sold-out titles in the new year alongside forthcoming works by Sam McKinlay (THE RITA) and others.

Amphetamine Sulphate is on Instagram if you wish to follow them.